Razorback Mowers


The Ultimate All Terrain Mower

Engineered and manufactured in Japan this commercial ride-on brush cutter is all quality, built to work and built to last. With its amazing torque and shaft drive it is practically unstoppable.

Razorback Mower - Slope AngleAll Terrain 4WD Mower – a Growing Market

The Australian market for All Terrain & 4WD mowing equipment is growing exponentially, as less favourable acreage land is now being subdivided and new property owners are finding themselves trying to maintain steeper areas; particularly where views are sought. This is the case right across Australia, particularly in any area within the Great Dividing Range or Coastal Ranges.

As more retirees head to acreage with the view of maintaining their own property themselves PLUS having the ability to have it well groomed, regardless of how wet the season is, we are seeing a huge growth in the “All Terrain” market segment.

The Razorback Mower Platform

The fundamental engineering beneath the Razorback is more closely related to an excavator than a traditional lawn mower! Each machine is hand built, all components are heavy duty, designed for longevity. These units have evolved over several decades, the F1 platform that is the chassis, mechanical 4WD system, planetary front wheel drive units, shaft driven deck and cutter blades are all shared across the Razorback platform. This provides a systematic approach to manufacture and spare parts support, both major factors to consider when buying a mower of this calibre.


The mower is equipped with a steering column that can be telescoped in or out, plus the steering wheel angle can also be altered together with the seat which has a fully adjustable 3 position suspension seat, complete with a movable back rest. The unit can literally be tailored to fit the operator, a complete comfort package!

Razorback Mowers - Blade SystemSafety

All Razorbacks are deliberately designed to have a very low centre of gravity for steep incline work. This has resulted in an industry leading EU certification of up to 25 degrees gradability, with 30 degrees stability angle left and right – depending on the model. These statistics are literally displayed on every mower; testament to the master engineering behind each machine.

CM1401 The entry level Razorback CM1401 is a 14 horsepower, horizontal shaft Subaru/Robin engine ..
CMX1402 This is the entry level 4WD unit, the CMX1402 that again runs the complete F1 package i..
CMX1808 The CMX1808 4WD Razorback has all the features you’d want on any all terrain mower. ..
CMX2302 The CMX2302 is the ultimate extreme terrain mower! With the extra horsepower and ground c..
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