Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers

Our hedge trimmers are ideal for jobs around the garden - regardless if your hedge is a small eye catching detail or a tall and lush masterpiece. And you will be able to work a long shift when needed A Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer will always provide you with strong performance and long lasting power in a trouble-free way.

Maximise your working time

Working on battery power will not slow you down. Our lightweight, quiet and battery-powered hedge trimmers will allow you to maximise your working time thanks to a new powerful battery.

All-round and stand-by for action

You can be sure your Husqvarna hedge trimmer will be safe, all-round and comfortable to use. The rear handle is adjustable enabling you to cut the sides and top of your hedge and the extended cutter makes it possible to reach better. Since it’s adjustable it will also be less tiring to work with.

Most Husqvarna hedge trimmers are equipped with an auto return stop switch. It means that when the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way your hedge trimmer will be ready whenever you are.

True ergonomic benefits

Your working conditions are our concern. That’s why we have put so much effort into the ergonomic details. The effective anti-vibration dampeners on our hedge trimmer absorb vibration, and will spare your arms and hands. Thanks to the engine position exhaust fumes are diverted away from you and to be extra comfortable certain models also have soft-grip handles.


Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 122HD45
HUSQVARNA 122HD45 The ideal hedge trimmer for homeowners, with low noise, a light weight design a..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 122HD60
HUSQVARNA 122HD60 Low noise, light hedge trimmer with adjustable rear handle and Smart Start® tec..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 215iHD45 (KIT)
HUSQVARNA 215iLTRIMMER (KIT) Easy to use, easy to handle and quiet enough for seasonal use in res..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 520iHD60 (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA 520iHD60 (SKIN) Quiet, lightweight, high performance hedge trimmer with a pivoting rear..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 322HD60
HUSQVARNA 322HD60 Double-sided hedge trimmer designed for rugged use.  Multi-position handle..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 520iHE3 (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA 520iHE3 (SKIN) Highly efficient pole hedge trimmer with 3.5m reach.  Remote adjust..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 520iHT4 (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA 520iHT4 (SKIN) High-capacity telescopic pole hedge trimmer with up to 4.5m reach, desig..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 522HD60RS
HUSQVARNA 522HD60RS Professional double-sided hedge trimmer featuring high torque, adjustable rea..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 522HS75S
HUSQVARNA 522HS75S Single-sided hedge trimmer with a 75cm cutter bar for trimming jobs.  Equ..
Husqvarna - Hedge Trimmer - 525HE4
HUSQVARNA 525HE4 High reach pole hedge trimmer with outstanding reach of up to 4m, 37mm blade pit..
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