Hansa Chippers


Hansa C3e Electric
Hansa C3e Chipper * Push Start - great for older gardeners * Optional catcher bag *30mm..
Hansa C4 Chipper
The Hansa C4 is ideal for the suburban back yard. The Hansa C4 chips branches up to 40mm in d..
Hansa C7 Chipper
This is our most popular model of Hansa Chippers and our biggest seller. Ideal for the home g..
Hansa C13 PTO
The Hansa C13 PTO is powered by your tractor for easy mulching in and around your property. Idea..
Hansa C13 Chipper - Standard Leg Mounted
The C13 comes in three versions – standard with optional drawbar (C13), or mounted on a road tra..
Hansa C13 Chipper - Electric Start Option
Hansa C13 Chipper - Electric Start Option The Hansa C13 chips branches up to 90mm in diameter..
Hansa C13 Chipper - Road Trailer Version
Hansa C13 Chipper - Road Trailer Version.  This Road Trailer Version is also available with..
Hansa C16 Chipper
The Hansa C16 chipper is an ideal machine for garden maintenance, contractors, smaller arboricul..
Hansa C21 Chipper
Hansa C21 Electric Start Wood Chipper.  The C21 is also available in a tractor mounted PTO ..
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