Husqvarna  Blowers

Our blower range consists of both handheld and backpack blowers with many smart, practical features. All are ergonomically designed to be easy to use, with a high blowing capacity and great handling capability.

Petrol power with battery innovations

Can a battery blower really be as effective as a powerful petrol driven machine? The short answer is yes. Our battery blowers are driven by innovative battery technology. It will not only give you high performance, but also has a low noise level, class-leading ergonomics and usability. A Husqvarna Battery Blower can be used both outside and for indoor tasks, such as cleaning sheds. It has perfect balance, an instant start, cruise control and boost power mode.

Ergonomic and comfortable to use

You can finish your job without getting tired and worn out. Our leaf blowers are all ergonomically designed and will save your back and arms from harm. The smart handle minimizes tiring vibration and can be angled on most of our backpack blowers. Many have rubber inserts for a stable, comfortable grip. The load-reducing harness makes your Husqvarna Backpack Blower comfortable and easy to use. And don’t worry about disturbing the neighbours – our battery blowers are designed to be very quiet.

A smarter choice for the environment

The environment is our mutual interest and concern. Together we can reduce our impact on it by making smart choices. The X-TORQ® engine in our petrol blowers will reduce harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20% compared to previous models without X-TORQ.


Husqvarna - Blowers - 125B
HUSQVARNA 125B An efficient hand held leaf blower that combines high blowing power with user frie..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 125BVx
HUSQVARNA 125BVX Efficient hand held blower that combines high blowing power with user friendline..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 340iBT (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA 340iBT BLOWER (SKIN)  Powerful backpack battery blower with low levels of noise an..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 525iB (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA 525iB BLOWER (SKIN) Well-balanced, comfortable and efficient professional battery blowe..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 120iB (KIT)
HUSQVARNA 120iB BLOWER (KIT) Lightweight and easy-to-use battery-powered blower for small to medi..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 525BX
HUSQVARNA 525BVX Powerful, well balanced hand-held blower.  The special fan and housing desi..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 530BT
HUSQVARNA 530BT The Husqvarna 530BT is a unique lightweight commercial back pack blower in a clas..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 530iBX (SKIN ONLY)
HUSQVARNA 530iBX – SKIN ONLY Powered by Husqvarna’s powerful BLi backpack battery, the handheld 5..
Husqvarna - Blowers - 580BTS
HUSQVARNA 580BTS Powerful petrol blower featuring a powerful X-Torq® engine and commercial grade ..
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